The finished fence … and more ideas



Right now it’s raining. It’s been raining for the past couple of days and will continue to to rain every day for the next week. Blech.

We were supposed to go out to the coast for a bit of fun and romance yesterday, but with all this rain (plus the tornado warning) we decided to reschedule and stay home instead. Holing up in our cozy little house with a good movie and a hot toddy seemed a good antidote to the blustery sideways rain.

It also gave us a chance to discuss the next stage of our garden plans when/if it ever stops raining.

At least the first part of Phase II is underway … duh da duh …

The alley on the side of the house is fenced off and gated. Once it stop raining we’ll reroute some of our sprinklers for the new irrigation plan, put in the border of ferns + hostas against the house and then the veggie boxes that will run that long wall on the right. We’re hoping to get that done by the end of April/mid-May.

If. It. Ever. Stops. Raining.


Here’s the simple four foot fence plus gate that matches all the other fencing around the property. We entertained the idea of a cute little picket fence there, but were pretty certain that the pooch could scale it and therefore defeat the purpose of putting the fence there at all.

Didn’t Jack do a great job on the fence? I’m sorry to say that my only contribution to this project was helping haul lumber and bringing beer every once in awhile. I was studying for exams and was holed up inside. Poor dude did the whole thing himself and barely got done before the rain started pouring down.

Now, let me back up a little bit so you can see the back of the house.


Ta da. Currently we’ve got a shed and a dog kennel directly behind the house. If all goes well this summer, we’ll move those suckers to the back of the property. And then we plan on prepping this area for Phase III (aka Next Summer) …


(I apologize in advance for my whacked out drawings, but try to go with me here.)

We plan to build a deck (with pergola) that will run the whole width of the house. That red thingy is a hot tub. Jack constantly scours craigslist for free/cheapo hot tubs. Eventually we’ll find one that is exactly what we’re looking for … we always do. You just have to have patience. To the left behind the shed is a huge window that will be a set of French doors that lead out to the deck.

Now, looking the other direction. If I stand over by the new fence/gate and look to the back of the property here’s what you see.

A big lawn and a sweet peach tree.


Here’s what we’re hoping to do as the next part of Phase II this summer. Move the dog kennel to the back left corner, put the shed in front and then Jack wants to build a lean-to or green house on the side of the shed.

In front and and along the left hand fence we’ll plant our citrus trees and move our peach tree so that it’s not right in the middle of everything. And on the right we’ll have four 4×8 veggie boxes. The veggie box configuration might change because I have a lot of room there, so I’m contemplating U-shaped boxes or something a little more interesting than plain old rectangles. We shall see. Sometimes simple is better.


Along with this is lighting and irrigation. Thankfully we thought about all that last year when we laid the basis for the irrigation, so we’ve got a good system to start from. So … that’s the plan. We’ll see what actually happens.

We can’t start on any of this until it stops raining and we get the shed (which weighs 8 million pounds) moved. Once we’ve had a month without rain and the ground has hardened up enough our friend Mike is going to bring his big tractor over and move the shed. Yay Mike! We love Mike!


These are our citrus trees that will be transplanted to create a little grove. Jack has been nursing them for the past year and they’re doing very well. They’re already giving off lots of fruit so we can’t wait to get ’em in the ground so they can really flourish. We’ve also got another orange tree in the alley to move and a small kumquat tree. And even though it’s small we think the peach tree might give off fruit this year if we can keep the dog from gnawing all its lower branches.

Speaking of …


hello, Poopster …


yes, we know you’re going to miss all this grass …


you love to run in it …


roll around in it …


sleep in it …

But life must go on … Phase II of project Backyard Re-do must continue.

If. It. Would. Stop. Raining.


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