Happy St Patty’s Day!


Photo: SimplyRecipes.com

Who doesn’t love an excuse to drink beer and eat Irish fare?

Given that my sweets is half Irish our household is celebrating fer sure. Plus, it’s Thursday and I’m done with hideous exams for the week. Yay!

Tonight I’m cooking up a little corned beef hash and Colcannon, which I found over at simplyrecipes.com, one of my go-to food sites. Elise does an amazing job and it’s nice knowing that she’s just right down the road.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Sláinte!


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  1. dear, that is so Dutch too! put almost any cabbage or carrot and unions to boil with the potatoes. Mash when well cooked and add some milk, butter, salt pepper and nutmeg. you can also just boil the potatoes and stir in kinds of lettuce or andive (no 1 in our house) gravy instead of butter tastes even better. stir in chunks of saucage or very well baked mini pieces of bacon (drain the fat when the bacon is crisp). perfect dishes for cold days.

  2. elises served as a side dish, the dutch is a full meal. called ‘stamppot’, which means ‘mashed pot’. any cabage or root vegetable will do. typically a winter dish, in which you use what is (left over and ) stored in the cold storage. gives enough energy to enable the famers to work on the land and milk the cows 🙂 or you might want to take a nap ( sounds more like it after a week of studying)

  3. At my St. Patrick’s Day party we had colcannan and there are charms that go with it. Depending on what you get that’s your fortune for the year. Ring – circle of friends or marriage, coin – wealth, umbrella – shelter from the storms of life; candy – sweetness of life; etc.

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