Happy Birthday dude!



These are my three nephews, left to right, oldest to youngest. Are they not adorable?

That middle kid—it’s his birthday.

He’s in college right now at U.T. Austin, and I’m sure he’s having a good ol’ time. He’s a sociable kid, that one. He’s got a gregarious nature.


Dear Christian,

You’re a good friend to your brother, cousins and buds. You’re an amazing cook with a gourmet’s palate. You’ve got an awesome and relenting initiative and enviable passion for all things Japanese or surfing related. You’re a fantastic choral singer and music aficionado, happily sharing you iPod and all your latest finds. You make us laugh. And you’re always up for an adventure—you even tried the impossible, to teach me how to fish. You’ve got the most generous heart.

I’m so happy to know you, kiddo. You’re an inspiration.

Lots of love,
your auntie Mic


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