Two thoughts … or maybe not



I’m here battling a terrible head cold. The kind of cold that muddles your head and gives you brain fog. The kind of cold that stuffs you up so you can’t breathe, that makes your body ache as if someone ran you over with their truck forty or fifty times.


But I persevere.

Well, sorta. Mostly I whine and sniffle pitifully.

And then I try to piece together two thoughts. I’m telling you, it’s not easy.

Here’s a random assortment of thoughts—’cause my noggin’ can’t do no more.


I’m sure everybody’s cats do this, but I think it’s funny when the cats jump into bed looking for the warmest spot immediately after you vacate it. It’s weird, like they come out of nowhere within seconds of you getting up. It’s not like it’s a new experience, but I’m always surprised at their speed. That’s Hannah, by the way.


I have an irrational craving for marinated tofu stir fry despite having absolutely no taste buds or appetite. Strange.


Valentine roses. Some people say they’re too cliche, unoriginal, overdone.

Whatever. I love ’em.


I looked in the fridge and was puzzled. Confused. Betwittered. (Is that a word? I think I just made that up. Roll with me.)


What in the world? What is that Coke container-thingy doing in there? (We normally never have Coke in the house.)


And of course, it’s empty. Why in the name of all things holy would someone leave a totally empty carton in the fridge?


Is this kid not adorable? He and his parents were amongst our group sight seeing the elephant seals a couple weeks ago.

He was only four, but so into it. He was so cute!

And I loved that his outfit totally matched the color scheme of the scenery, like it was planned. (Hey, I’m visually oriented. Pleasing color schemes tickle me.)


Here he is again, strolling with Dad. Look at how their steps are perfectly in sync with each other.

They were such a cute family. And nice.


And here we have an elephant seal who is beached fairly far inland away from the hustle and bustle of the water’s edge. Here in no-man’s-land he can glory in his lethargy in peace (except for parades of strangers stopping to take his photo).

The way he looks is kinda how I feel: Lethargic. Bloated. Sleepy.

Do you think he feels achy? I feel achy.

I am so le tired. I hear a couch calling me … along with an episode of Housewives.

Until wellness, my friends.




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  1. Oh well after looking at a Ford Ranger that was 4wd I went for the Tacoma in Scottsdale. Those rich people hardly drive their pickups. My 88 chev is from there. More on that later.

  2. I have recently inherited a cat (I’ve never had a pet firsthand)…..we use a heated mattress pad in winter…the minute I walk into the bedroom to turn it on, the cat jumps on the foot of the bed (where most of the coils are) and stakes his spot.

    Hubby sleeps on his back, so for night time sleeping, the cat sleeps between his legs. Our cat is a Maine Coon, which is known for their length….so he’s like a third leg. On me, I’m a side sleeper, so he sleeps in the crook between my hip and shoulder…..sort of like Izzy and Mike. Kinda heavy, but, oh, so warm.

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