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How to ring in the New Year Vietnam-style


‘The Year of the Cat’ by Al Stewart, 1976. The title was inspired by Vietnamese astrology.

For many Asians 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit, but in Vietnamese astrology 2011 is the Year of the Cat, a year free of stress.

Yippee-hi-ho! I don’t know about you, but I could use a year with no stress. Bring it on!

There are a lot of traditions (read: superstitions) that ensure a prosperous and happy New Year—everything from eating moon cakes to handing out red envelopes to making sure you have blossoming plants in your home, to ensuring that a person of wealth and respect is the first to walk through your front door on the first day of the New Year. Everyone wants to begin the year with good luck!

Even if it’s not your culture, who couldn’t use a little more good luck in their life, eh? I don’t need to be Japanese in order to enjoy good Japanese food.

Here are three easy (and fun) suggestions for ringing in the New Year Vietnam-style.

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