Five minutes before:
The cat, Abby, was curled up sleeping under a huge pile of newspapers. I didn’t realize she was under there until I began rifling through the paper for a not-yet-read section. She did not seem to mind all the newspapers on top of her, but more that I had the nerve to wake her up with my rifling. Nothing much fazes this cat. This is the same cat that plays with the dog (both mentally and physically). This is the same cat that sleeps all over the computer keyboard in our office; you can move her over in order to type and she’ll barely crack an eye at you. Despite being a girl, she’s got some cojones. We like that about her.

Five minutes later:
Abby the cat was again peacefully sleeping sprawled all over the newspapers. Jack was passed out and softly snoring in Sunday-nap position blanketed by the ‘Cars’ section of the newspaper. And the dog just continued her snooze.

Posse-bonding in action.


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  1. It’s colder than a well digger’s back pocket here right now….I know that because our cat, who normally does not sleep with us, was waiting in our bed for us. We have a heated mattress pad, which I had fired up earlier, so Felix had his cozy spot. Then, when the furnace(hubby) and I climbed in, he slept between us….purring away. Kinda nice.

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