Christmasfying the house



We flew out to Oklahoma for the Thanksgiving holiday. We had a great time with the family, especially spending time with Baby Bree. (She’s such a great baby.) There’s something wonderful about mornings in the kitchen, everyone hanging out in their pajamas, cooking breakfast, sipping coffee, chatting and laughing.

It was a good time.

We arrived back home late Saturday night.

First thing Sunday morning we grabbed a couple cups of coffee and headed out to the local Christmas Tree Farm to chop down our perfect holiday tree. Boy, was it a zoo! But a fun zoo, filled with families, fake Santas, tractor pulled sleighs and barns decked out in holiday decorations.

Ever since we’ve been de-pumpkining the house in favor of Christmasfying.

(Yes, I just made those words up. They don’t actually exist. But they sure do hit the spot, don’t they? That’s the way we roll around here. Who cares about being articulate? When in doubt, make it up! Whoo! Livin’ it up here in wacky California! We’re such innovators.)

Anyway, there’s a fine line when it comes to holiday decorations. On the one hand, you want it to be full so that there will be an impact—invoking that oh, so cozy holiday feeling. But on the other hand, you don’t want it to look like Santa’s Workshop threw up all over the place either. Yeesh, it’s a slippery slope to tacky, folks.

Where did we land?

The jury’s still out.


Here’s the console in the entrance. It’s a light taste of holiday quirkiness that says “Hey! Welcome to our home. Don’t be afraid. Come on in!”


And then you hit the living room where the piece de resistance resides: the Christmas Tree.

With  two cats and a puppy in the house we were worried that the animals would go after the ornaments.


But so far they completely ignore the tree. (Phew.) Here’s Hannah napping on the built-in bench right next to the tree. She couldn’t care less. (Thank God!)


While we were in Oklahoma Jack’s mom decided that she wanted to go with a new theme for her tree this year so she insisted that Jack and Tara go through the family ornaments (40+ years worth) and take what they wanted. Oh, my. There were so many beautiful ornaments. And man, many were delicate.


We ended up coming home with over a hundred.


We hand carried them on the airplane and it was a wee stressful. We were petrified that we’d break one, some gorgeous family heirloom.


But man, was it worth it! Here’s our little Christmas Tree from last year. We had a friend care for it for a week and it lost nearly all of its branches. It’s been slowly recovering, poor thing.

It sits in our office and it was screaming for some ornaments of its own, so I made it the casual plushy ornament tree.


I love these plushies.


They’re so 70s!

Now that the trees are done, we’re moving on to the rest of the house.

Oh, joy!


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