Gettin’ in the holiday groove


(photo: Lower Lights)

It’s time, people! It’s time!!!

I’m done with school (for the next ten days) and can finally turn my attention to … THE HOLIDAYS!!!

I LOVE the holidays! I love the cooking, the decorating, the parties, the celebrating with family and friends. I love it all! From now until January 15 (Jack’s birthday) it’s gonna be busy, busy, but boy, it’s gonna be fun!

I woke up this morning and realized that I didn’t have to study today (I should, but I’m not gonna … at least for today) and my mind went immediately to jazzin’ up our house for the holidays. I did a little jig around the bedroom, celebrating my no-study-for-today agenda, and went to grab my holiday magazines to stir up some fun ideas.

Full of inspiration I called Jack as he was driving to work and yelled, “WHEN CAN WE GET OUR CHRISTMAS TREE???”

He very calmly replied, “Not until after Thanksgiving.”


But … but I’m ready to go TODAY!

Jack maintained his downer position.

Well, !@#$! a duck.

I looked over at the dog who was sprawled on her blanket and snoring; she wasn’t any help at all, not even a little moral support. What use is she again?

Then I realized that I could get started on this year’s holiday music. Excellent!

I have quite the collection of holiday tunes, everything from Charlie Brown’s Christmas to Manheim Steamroller. Every year I like to look around and add to the collection. Here are my picks for this year. As usual my taste is a little eclectic … but well, that’s me, what can I say?

First up: The Lower Lights: A Hymn Revival


Classic hymns meet folk, gospel and bluegrass. I’m a big fan of bluegrass and these hymnal renditions just make my liver smile (name that movie!) For more samples of their tunes, check out their website here or click below to hear a sampling of Ye Elders of Israel.

Second on stage: Annie Lennox—A Christmas Cornucopia


Dude. It’s Annie Lennox. Deep. Soulful. Powerful. ‘Nuff said.
Plus all the proceeds go to charity. Bonus karma.

You can hear samplings of the album on Amazon, click on the link above.

Third act: La Excelencia: Mi Tumbao Social


I grew up in Colombia and nothing makes me feel festive like salsa music. When you’re preparing your holiday feasts play these tunes. Go ahead. I’ll wait here. Trust me, you’re going to start shaking your hips and smiling as you mash those potatoes. You’ll be dancing around your kitchen; you won’t be able to help yourself.

You can hear samplings of the album on Amazon, click the link above.

Alrighty, we’re gettin’ in the holiday groove!


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  1. Jack, downer? Could we be talking about the same guy???

    Yes, absolutely – we are big Xmas music fans – and always try to score a few new CDs each year – Thanksgiving Day weekend is when it rolls out. Thanks for the tips.

    Love your photographs!!!


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