Best hummus (and husband) ever!



There are many things that I adore about Jack.

Right up at the top of the list is his hummus.

Oh, man … his hummus is soooooo goood! It’s addictive, really. Although I might be a little biased in this case … trust me when I tell you that his hummus is eye-rolling good.

The other day I made up a batch using a recipe that I thought was his and gosh darn it—it wasn’t close to being as good. Frustrated, I called him at work and demanded, “What the hell do you put in your hummus that makes it taste so good?”

He laughed at me, “Baby, you can’t make hummus as good as me.”

“Whatever. What’s the recipe?”

“NO! I’m not telling you!”

“What?  But … but … okay, than you’ll just have to make it all the time.”

“That’s fine. I’ll make it for us. I don’t mind.”

Hmmm. This could really work out for me. A) I get yummy hummus and B) I don’t have to make it or do any of the resulting dirty dishes. Not a bad deal.

And then he proceeds to whip up a huge batch to last through the week. (I wonder if it’ll last more than two days.) He’s such an awesome honey.

On top of that he brought home these pita chips shaped like ghosts—he knows how much I love celebrating Halloween—to eat with hummus. He pulled out his little surprise, “I saw these in the store and they had your name written all over ’em. I had to bring them home for you.”


Like I said, best husband ever.

In the meantime I’ll work on getting that recipe out of him and will get back to you. Here’s the big hint: he doesn’t use garbanzo beans. Hmmmmmm.


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