Go Giants!


(photo: bestofsf)

One of our favorite things to do is to go to a Giants baseball game in San Francisco. There’s just nothing like seeing a game live—catching the enthusiasm of other players, paying $7 for polish dog and $9 for a Budweiser. I’m going to tell you though, that the garlic fries at AT&T park are !@#$! wonderful. They are tasty, tasty, tasty! They heap on the garlic so take heed of your loved ones and make sure they really, really love you if you plan to exhale anywhere near them. Otherwise travel with Binaca spray or a butt load of Mentos.

Jack and I went to a Giants baseball game on our first date. And we had garlic fries. Jack said he could still taste them the next morning, they were that good.

What kind of nut jobs share garlic fries on their first date? Really, once again, it’s a miracle we’re married.

Anyway …

the Giants made it to the playoffs … woohooo!

(photo: sfgiants.com)

How excited are we? Excited enough to go out today and get a great big ol’ antenna to strap onto our brand new roof so that we can pick up FOX and watch the game playing in Philly tonight. The game that could lead us the pennant.

We, who have resisted TV like the plague, always insisting that we don’t care to get regular TV (except we do miss PBS), are finally breaking down and heading to RadioShack this morning.

We must have antenna. We need TV. WE MUST WIN!

Over and out.

(Heading to RadioShack so that we can come home in time to a) install antenna and b) make up game food nosh: craut dogs, garlic fries accompanied by frosty Anchor Steam beer. It’s a good day, folks. Good day.)


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