sunset walks



It’s that time of year when the sunsets are particularly beautiful.

I wish I were a good enough photographer to capture the beauty of the skies, so different every night, that range in color from intense fiery fuchsia to a gentle golden. I’m going to keep trying, but in the meantime here are some shots from one of our recent walks.

This hilly trail is just five minutes from our house and it has become a favorite of ours to hike or run depending on your mood. With the beautiful sunsets these days I’m inclined to bring the camera and hike while Lily runs off some of her puppyness.








2 responses »

  1. fishing for compliments, hu?! you already are a great photographer. love the golden dog (and miss her, can you tell her that?)

  2. BEEEEEEEE-u-t-FULL!! Puppy, pictures AND landscape.

    I suggest you re-tag these shots as a sunrise walk/run and we can all ooooooh and ahhhhh at your vim and vigor.


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