Jim who?


On Friday my friend Steve called and offered me a pair of tickets to a Jim Brickman concert happening that night.

“Jim who?”

“Jim Brickman. He’s a pianist. We were really excited to go [but they had a last minute snafu] so I want to make sure these tickets don’t go to waste. Believe me, you’ll enjoy it.”

“Uhm. Okay, I’ll take them.” In my mind I was still thinking, Jim who??

I looked him up online and Brickman’s tagline is “America’s Romantic Piano Sensation”. Hmmmm. (Read mucho skepticism into that Hmmm.)

Oh, well. Since Jack wasn’t in town I went searching for another date. I got my auntie Quang to go with, which is great. She’s fun and I love spending time with her. Plus she’d never heard of Brickman either—misery loves company and all that.

At the beginning of the concert Brickman relayed once again that it was an “evening of romance” (uh oh) and invited us to sit back, hold hands with our loved ones and let the music take us where it will. Double uh oh.

So, I leaned to my right and whispered to Quang, “You want to hold hands?”

She frowned at me and admonished, “No.”


I looked to my left at the man who had come by himself to this “evening of romance”. I leaned over and whispered, “Would you like to hold hands?”

He looked at me for moment and I could see he was contemplating both my sanity and the offer. “No. Thanks, though.”

“Oh. Okay.” Sigh. Talk about feeling rejected.

So, I sat back and relaxed —despite no one wanting to hold my hand—and enjoyed a little Jim Brickman. It turned out to be quite a nice evening. I hadn’t realized how much of Brickman’s music I knew but never attributed to him. Plus, he’s quite funny with a touch of self-deprecation. He shared the stories behind certain songs or famous performances …

I recognized his music from the radio, movie soundtracks and commercials, however, my favorites were his tributes to Walt Disney and the Muppets. Sap, sap, sap. Loved it all. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a video of his duet with Kermit the frog singing Rainbow Connection. It was darling. For anyone who grew up with the Muppets, it’ll make you tingly and more than a little nostalgic.

It was sappy. But it was really fun. Thanks, Steve!

Next time you’re in Target—you know those kiosks playing instrumentals—check out some of his albums, they’re perfect for the holidays.


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