Merry Christmas!




I went to the pharmacy today and noticed a big display of Halloween decorations. I’m a sucker for Halloween decorations and they called to me like a mama to her chicks. “Come check us out … come girlie … come … we have goodies and doodads to decorate your porch with …”

My cute psuedocraftsman front porch? Oh, I had to go see the glitter ghosts and wooden signs for goblin crossings. Oh my.

En route to the Halloween aisle I was forced to detour around the more prominently displayed CHRISTMAS paraphernalia. Eh? But … but … Christmas is still two major holidays away!


Anyway, back to my love of Halloween. Last week Jack went to the grocery store and came back with this little pumpkin stashed in the bag. I whooped in surprised delight.

You see, I’ve been wanting to get a pumpkin (or ten), but have been holding back because I knew that as soon as I got the first one that the gates would officially be open and the fall decorating would begin. By the time we get to Halloween we’ll have a veritable patch of pumpkins, squash and gourds. Ever since we moved into this house I’ve been contemplating where I would put the pumpkins come fall.

Jack had this look on his face like he knew he’d done well and said, “I thought I’d get your pumpkinfest started. I know this one little pumpkin is going to quickly spawn into 60 pumpkins … better to start early.”

I nearly wept. I love this dude, I really do.

Ever since he came home with this pumpkin I’ve been biding my time … waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce! Er, I mean to redecorate for fall.

Jack’s in Chicago right now.

Me thinks this might be the perfect opportunity to transform our little bungalow into HALLOWEEN MANIA!



Also, if you’re into glass blown pumpkins like I am … check out Erika’s work (I have two of her beautiful pumpkins) … and she just sent out a link to the Magical Glass Pumpkin Patch, a glass blowing group in the Bay area.


( Spotted creation from Ken Mollenauer & Shelly Monfort)

Gorgeous, huh?


Alrighty, I gotta go and get some more pumpkins before Jack gets home. Happy pumpkin hunting!


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  1. Thanks for the props! Next year I hope to be back in action. The recession closed my favorite glass studio, making scheduling a challenge. But pumpkins are so much fun and look so great for the holiday.

    Also, I got one of those “fairy tale” pumpkins as well as white regular and pattypan pumpkins for my office, which is currently covered in fake spiderwebs and plastic bugs.

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