Meet Big Tim



Everyone, meet Big Tim. Big Tim, meet everyone.

Big Tim is my new best friend. Ain’t he sexy?

Tim is helping me study human anatomy. He lets me poke him and prod him, take off his arms and legs (even though he really doesn’t appreciate it) and every once in awhile when he’s feeling up to it, he lets me pop open his skull and name the eight million foramina, tuberosities, facets, canals, grooves, sutures and blah blah blah in the bones of his noggin’. Because the noggin’ is 40% of my test I pretty much want to crack his skull every chance I get.

He gets a might sick of all that popping, prodding and poking. I really can’t blame him.

Plus, he spends most of the day with a stick up his rear end and poking right into his sacrum. Uncomfortable much?


I wish I were a big enough person to let him go free and escape the constant dis-articulation and naming of all his body parts. But I’m not. I need his bones. I NEED them! (Do I sound a little crazy here?)

I totally get it when he roams the house. I understand you, Big Tim! The pain and anguish of not having any joints, muscles, or skin! The vulnerability of being so exposed must be so nerve wracking, man!

To offer some consolation I have offered to take him with me wherever I go. He goes to school with me. He likes to ride in the car when we run errands. He evens goes to the bathroom with me (for, you know, quality time) where we have long philosophical chats about human physiology, which is a distant and nostalgic memory for him. I’m no therapist, but I think it helps.


When he and I are not together he likes to roam the house, relax, kick back and visit with friends. Here’s his fave spot in the office. He much prefers to sit rather than have that stick up his patoot.


He frequently naps in our bedroom. Waaasssupp, dude?

And uh, when Jack’s not home he sleeps on Jack’s side of the bed. That’s not weird, right?


Woo. Look at that flexibility! (The benefit of no ligaments or muscles.) You go, Big Tim!


Sometimes I’ll run into him in the hallway and he’s got a dis-articulated limb (or three).


That usually means that he’s run into Lily.


But his favorite place to hang is with Hannah and Abby. He loves their quiet company and loving acceptance. With them he feels completely relaxed. They don’t poke, prod or dis-articulate.

They just like hanging out with him.

Sigh. Peace at last.


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  1. ACK! Have totally forgotten about your blog. Bad, bad KJC. (twenty lashed almost completed) Much catching up will commence.

    Is it weird that when I picture Big Tim talking it’s with a Southern accent? (and with his arm straight up in the air on your bed, it’s, “Hey, ya’ll!!”) Hmmm… interesting.


  2. Oh dear, You know how to hide your mental condition :-)!! Spent a week with you, but did not notice anything very much unusual….

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