Lily + Abby: Act I, Scene I



Lily and Abby have developed a relationship.

They’ll chase each other, follow each other into different rooms, romp together in the backyard. Lily will lick Abby all over and attempt to put Abby’s entire head into her mouth to pick her up. Abby’s head doesn’t quite fit, but Lily tries anyway. In return Abby head butts Lily and rubs up against her in what I presume is some gesture of affection.

They’re friends, buddies, compadres. They’re gal pals.

But only when Abby wants to be.

Act I, Scene I: The plea


C’mon Abby! Come and play with me!


Please? … Pretty please? I’ll give you one of my rawhide bones that I’ve hidden in every corner of the house.


(No? Maybe if I stare at her long enough she’ll change her mind. I’ll just sit here for a couple minutes and talk to her with my mind.)


Please, please, please!




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  1. ROFL that happens at my place too but if Buffy ignores both Lucinda and Agi, Agi just goes over and jumps on Buffy – then it’s on 🙂

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