Two films, two thumbs up



Claire Danes has always left me feeling a bit neutral.

I don’t dislike her work per se; she’s always seemed a solid young actress in a string of not-bad films. She just never really captured my attention … until now.

In the past two weeks I watched two films starring Claire Danes: Me & Orson Welles, a witty and irreverent coming of age film set in 1930s New York City’s theater community, and the eponymous biography, Temple Grandin.


Both films were wonderful, but Danes’ performance in Temple Grandin was especially terrific. The story of Temple Grandin and her success as a brilliant autistic despite the ignorance and punishment of common society is inspiring.

If you didn’t catch it on HBO it’s now out on video.

Rent it. You won’t regret it.

And bravo to Claire Danes!


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  1. Living on either end of the spectrum I learned long ago about reading books and movies that were not psychiatry texts on autism. B/c…. they had nothing to do with us.

    I did hear that Temple’s movie was very well done by those in “autism-land”. I have seen her “live and in person” a few years ago now. We agree on a lot of things… we also disagree on a lot of things… Welcome, to autism-land – where there is no real answer and if you’ve met one child or adult with autism… you have met one child or adult with autism.

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