Found photos: The day after our wedding



I love it when you find a cache of photos that have gone completely forgotten. Case in point are these pics snapped the day after our wedding.

For most people the day after their wedding means jetting off to Bora Bora or Hawaii or Niagra Falls. It means honeymoon ambiance, solitude and romantic moments in the moonlight. It means alone time.

Not us.

Nuh uh. For us it meant getting up early, tailgating and hitting a 49er football game with 40,000 of our closest friends.



Who says football isn’t romantic?


Ah, the beauty of parking lot parties … is that a Red Stripe in my hand?


At 9am? Beer for breakfast? Hey, man! I’d just gotten married. I was happy, okay? Lots of celebrating going on!


Our friend Hector (one of the nicest people on the planet) and Jack celebrating (our marriage, the 49ers, the glory of being alive) with fat cigars. I think we all had one that day.


Me, Maria, Simone and Mary toasting with chilled mimosas a la Jack. I think it was 10 o’clock in the morning at this point.

We had the full on BBQ going with flank steak and gourmet grill, mimosas and margaritas.

I wish we had a photo of all the balloons and the huge banner congratulating us on getting married. It was so sweet.


And of course I found these pictures of Mary and a cop. This woman’s ability to attract law enforcement never ceases to amaze me. I have a photo of her and a cop at nearly every one of our get togethers. No matter where we are in the U.S. or Canada (remember Niagra Falls?) some version of this scenario goes down.


Is this not the poster image of Mary?

It always ends well—everyone hooting with laughter.

What would a wedding be without Mary?

Hoo boy, found photos crack me up.


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