A helpful spouse—or not



I like to take a lot of photos. Love it. Wish my camera was an extension of my arm.

But the funny thing is that I do not take many photos of people. Out of the thousand plus photos that we took in Europe most don’t have people in them. Or if there is a person they’re not necessarily the subject of the photo, they’re more like an accessory to mood.

I like landscapes and still lifes, architectural details and food—lots and lots of food. If you’ve read any portion of this blog you’ll realize how much I enjoy shooting food. It doesn’t argue and give you lip.

But people? Bah.

Jack started to feel a little funny about my persistent requests that he step aside so I could take a photo. “What, I’m not good enough to be in your photo?”


To which I would explain, “Uh, no offense. You’re very cute, but please step aside. I’m trying take a photo of the United Nations. Without you in it.”


My persistent request that he step OUT of my photos resulted in his persistent effort to get his face IN all my photos. Jack got really good at popping his face right into frame just as I clicked the shutter.


So that I have now have an oddball collection of photos that look like these.

Imagine my strangled scream of frustration.


Heh. Spouses. You gotta love ’em.


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