Trekking with a camera



Before we left for our trek in Europe I vacillated constantly about whether or not to bring my large Nikon camera. It’s a great camera and I love it, but it’s heavy!

Given the altitude and steepness of the Alps I wanted to keep my pack as light as possible. When your camera is 20% of the total weight of your pack, you really to have wonder if it’s worth it.

To haul the big camera, or not to haul? That was the question.

Turns out that we hauled not just one (the big Nikon), but two cameras, the second being a tiny Canon PowerShot that Jack kept in his pocket.

I’m so glad that we brought both.

I just found this stash of photos that Jack took on our first day trekking the Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB).


When you only have a quick moment the pocket camera is perfect. Sometimes I would pass on a beautiful photo op because I was just too weary to haul the big camera out. With the pocket cam it was easy to whip out and click. Ba-da-bing ba-da-boom.


Having a second camera also allowed us each to take pictures, often without the other even realizing it.


He got some interesting candids.


And the man loves to take photos of flowers. He stopped every five minutes to photograph the flora. Given the easy switch to a macro lens, he could go from close-ups of flowers …


… to panoramic shots with one hand.




I love this shot. Never would have guessed that Jack shot it with one hand while he was walking over that bridge.

So, my recommendation … if you have extra room and don’t mind carrying the additional weight, bring the big camera. It’s worth it.

But in general, don’t ever leave home without the pocket cam.

By the way, we’re in the market for a new one. Do you have a pocket cam? What kind? And do you love it?


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