Fave kitchen tools



(photo: Kuhn Rikon)

I grow a little more in love with these babies every day.

I use a medium-size paring knife more than any other knife in my kitchen. I’m always slicing limes for my water or a hunk of cheese or an apple to snack. I use a paring knife a dozen times a day. Therefore, I like to have 2-3 in the kitchen drawer at all times.

Awhile ago I noticed they were disappearing  … like magic. It was such a puzzle. I thought, “Huh. I wonder if the paring knives have gone to join ranks with the missing socks from the dryer?”

Then I realized that they were walking out of the kitchen—in some cases, out of the house—via Jack’s pocket. He loves paring knives as much as I do. He stuck one in our camping gear. I found one in our truck, for emergencies, he said. Uh. Okay. I found one with the gardening tools. Once I even found one in his laptop bag. What he was doing with it I have ceased to try and comprehend. That would be like trying to count stars. Good luck.

I find paring knives in the oddest places. And there were never any more in the kitchen when you needed one. I was growing disgruntled.

So, I got some more. Knowing that they’d probably walk out of the kitchen post haste I didn’t want to spend much on them. I found these babies at TJMaxx. They’re made by Kuhn Rikon and are ~$6 for one or $15 for a 3-pack. They were cute and the price was right. Love those jewel tones.

And then I used ’em and fell in love. They’ve got great weight, the blade is large enough to tackle most small projects with ease, and they’re super sharp to start and easy to sharpen. They also come in a serrated style and all have a blade guard.

The more I use them, the more I love them. Every kitchen drawer should have one! or three.

What’s your fave kitchen tool?


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  1. I am also a fan of the paring knife as opposed to a chef knife. With a big knife, I tend to come away with some sort of bloody finger.

    I truly love my garlic press from Pampered Chef….I always recommend it to anyone I know attending a party. You can just throw in a clove of garlic, push away and you have delightful garlic ooze….then pop it open, remove the skin and keep going.

  2. Wow, to pick my favorite kitchen tool…that would be tough. I do love a good paring knife and I would second the garlic press. I do have a 5 inch blade Japanese chefs knife I love quite a bit and would consider it my favorite knife. I also LOVE my dishers. They look like ice cream scoops, and I have every size they make. They are perfect for making uniform sized cookie dough, muffin batter, pancakes and so many other things. See, so hard to make a decision 🙂

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