Summer canning, freezing, vacuum-packing



It’s been a cool summer so we’re a little late in the season, but goodies are really rolling in now. We’ve got gold, folks! Lots and lotsa, gold!

All kinds of fresh beans, nectarines, peaches, bell peppers, plums, melons (they’re practically giving them away), figs, pears … oh, man … the sweet white corn! Whoo. It all looks so good!

And let us not forget all the friends who have fruit trees. We seem to be accumulating fruity loot on a daily basis.

After I finished my exams today my brain was complete mush. It was worse than mush, it was goo. I took the rest of the day and finally took care of some much needed canning, freezing and vacuum packing before all this produce went to waste.

And … I’m almost  done writing up Jack’s recipe for magic marinara so I’ll post that up soon. Stay tuned.


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