It’s called pro-crass-stuh-nation



I have two huge exams on Tuesday and a third on Thursday. I should be studying my brains out during this long holiday weekend.

So far, two days have passed and I haven’t cracked a book.


Augh. Don’t worry, I’ll be studying all day today and tomorrow as I have study groups that I need to prepare for.

But in the meantime I decided to take one of my day’s off to finish up the baby quilt for Breanne (or is it Breann … or Bree … or Brea?). She hasn’t officially appeared yet so I’m gonna claim a free pass on spelling her name as of yet.

Jack’s sister is pregnant with baby Bree (Brea?). Congrats to Tara and Bob! Welcome baby Bree!

Here’s the inspiration fabric, a swatch from the curtains. Cute, eh?


Based upon the curtain swatch, we picked out fabrics for the quilt. Or should I say, I hauled Jack’s ma, and my own mom, with me to the quilt shop to ensure that I didn’t goof the fabric choices. This is my first quilt. I’m a wee nervous about it. Plus, I’m not great with pastels. I’m more of a jewel tone kinda girl. With the careful guidance of these two exceptional moms we finally settled on these four baby-girl-appropriate fabrics.


Given that this is my first quilt I decided to do something easy: big ol’ stripes.

I carefully measured twice and cut once.

I busted out the trusty iron (every sewer’s best friend) …


… and with nervous sweat pouring down my face I started sewing all the strips together praying that I was sewing them in a straight line. Sew a srtip, carefully iron it. Sew a strip, carefully iron it. I love ironing during the sewing process. It makes things so neat and easy. I remember my first sewing project in high school home ec. I didn’t iron and my cute polka dot dress came out hideously lopsided. It wasn’t pretty. I’ve been a devoted ironer ever since.

Anyhow, back to today. I tend to get sidetracked. The beauty of stripes is that it’s potentially super easy. The tragedy of stripes is that if they’re not straight you can see it right away and the quilt won’t square up for finishing. GAH! The pressure!!


Anyway, I got it done. Phew.

I incorporated two-inch strips of the curtain fabric throughout and I’ll be using it for the perimeter trim as the finish.


The back of the quilt is the pink fabric with strips and squares of the other fabrics on the borders and corners.

The finished size ended up larger than I had originally planned for, but I had just enough extra fabric so I went for the larger size. It’s 44″x60″.

With the top and the backing finally finished I took it over to the quilt shop where they’re going to add batting and quilt stitch all the layers with a super cute pattern of flowers and butterflies. The pattern looks SORTA like this one here, but actually I think it’s a bit cuter. Once I get the blanket back I’ll finish squaring it and will trim the edges with the curtain fabric.



Considering the huge back log at the quilt shop let us pray that I’ll get the blanket back before the baby’s born. That would be nice, huh?

Wooh. There we have it: my first quilt. I hope you like it Baby Bree. We’re all very excited to meet you, baby girl!


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