Q&A with Lily



Me: Lily, please stop chewing a hole in the living room rug and come over here. I know you’re obsessed with making a soppy gross hole in the most prominent rug in the house, but it’s time to take a break from your mission to do a little Q&A. People are curious about you. … Hello? Heelllllooooo-ooooh! Yo! Dog! Over here!

Lily: Heh?

Me: What’s your favorite activity so far?

Lily: I love going to the park where I get to splash in the pond, bark at herons and roll around in goose poop. Mucho fun!

Me: So, I notice that you speak a little Spanish. Are you bilingual?

Lily: I was born in California. Duh!

Me: Okay. What’s your favorite toy?

Lily: My cow sandwich. He’s soft and plushy, AND he makes squeaking sounds if you squeeze his tummy. Most of the time I cuddle it like a pillow. Sometimes I shake the heck out of him and he rattles and squeaks. Sometimes I just carry him around in my mouth. But c’MON, it’s a COW SANDWICH! What’s not to love?


Me: Do you have a  favorite snack yet?

Lily: Well, you’d think it might be a cow sandwich, but actually it’s goose poop. I love me some goose poop! Dee-lish!

Me: I understand that two of Auntie Tara’s cats are going to come live with you? How do you feel about that?

Lily: That’s cool, I love cats. I hope they let me herd them because that’s essential to any relationship that I have.

Me: What’s your favorite soda?

Lily: Mountain Dew. It gives me LOTS of energy.

Me: I’ll bet. What’s your best trick?

Lily: Sitting. I can sit really quickly. People love it and will give me a treat. It’s awesome! I can also run to people when they call me, but only if I’m not distracted by really stinky smells, ducks, geese and heron.

Me: What’s your greatest fear?

Lily: Big garbage trucks. Something traumatic must have happened in my past. I can’t remember what happened and I can’t talk about it, it’s that awful. But whenever a garbage truck goes by my whole body shakes and I have to lie down.

Me: What’s the one word that everyone uses to describe you?

Lily: Sweet.

Me: What’s the one word that you would use to describe everyone else?

Lily: Tall.


Me: What do you look forward to doing this fall?

Lily: Kayaking.

Me: What’s your favorite TV show?

Lily: Glee. I love all the singing and dancing! I can watch it for ages. Jane Lynch totally cracks me up! I’m so happy she won an Emmy.

Me: What’s your favorite food?

Lily: Anything that is NOT officially dog food. If it’s labeled “dog food” … blech.


Me: Well, thanks for taking a couple of minutes out of your day to chat. As a reward go find yourself an electrical cord to chew through, preferably one that’s expensive to replace.

Lily: Anytime, chica. Been there, done that.


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  1. Ahhhh, the herding. I always felt our pound puppy must have had some border collie in her because when the kids were little, she would herd them and the neighborhood kids to sit on the front lawn in a group….then she would sit and keep an eye out for wolves, I assume. She was a sweetheart as I’m sure your’s will be.

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