Up next: magic marinara



While I attempted (**cough**, emphasis on attempted) to study chemistry Jack spent the weekend making, then canning, a delicious marinara.

Our region of California used to be the largest tomato producer in the state so we have a huge tomato season every August. It has spoiled us. There’s nothing better than candy ripe, locally grown tomatoes. Yum-ee.

It’s been a cool summer so the tomatoes are about a month late coming into season. Every week we’ve checked Larry’s, our local produce stand, for the big bumper crop of tomatoes that we know will start pouring in like an avalanche. FINALLY, we spotted the huge crates of roma tomatoes. Yay! The season has finally begun! $10 for a 22-25lb box. Not great. But not bad either. It’s the beginning of the season. When we hit the season full swing, you can pick up a crate of gorgeous heirlooms for $6. Oooh, man. I can’t wait! I’m starting to feel tingly all over.

But for now …

Jack grabbed a crate of plump, dark red romas and hurried home to make enough marinara to keep us in sauce for a year. Or two.

While the movie I Love You to Death played in the background Jack brewed up his magic sauce.

And sheesh, he’s kinda particular about it. Tasting …


Testing …


Tasting …


Next up: the full recipe and step-by-step photos. For now, I can tell you that it has a hint of this …


Mmmmmm. Rubbin’ my tummy and doing the happy dance.

We tested the magic sauce along with some of his fresh homemade pasta.


Oh, yeah. Good stuff. I promise.


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