Mic’s movie list



While the husband is away I have complete control of the DVD player. I get to watch whatever movie I want!


Namely, lots of foreign films and dramas.


French with subtitles. Suspense. I love Juliette Binoche and she’s terrific in this.


Chinese with subtitles. Action/Drama. Wow. So epic!


German with subtitles. WWII drama. Based upon a true story. The story was riveting and heartbreaking. Amazing acting.

Are we seeing a theme here?


British with no subtitles. Ha! Masterpiece Theater Mystery. Jeanne and Wes got me hooked on this series. I’ve just finished season 1. Each episode is a full length film. Woo. Love this series!


American. Drama. Matt Damon. ‘Nuff said.


British. Drama. Lovely if not a wee slow.


American. Action. All these years and I’d never seen this film. I went riding this week and was inspired to finally watch it because Hidalgo looks just like one of Jen’s horses.


American. Suspense. Directed by Martin Scorsese. I’ll pretty much watch anything directed by Scorsese. The man’s a genius. Also, I have a funny story about the book by Dennis Lehane that this movie is based upon. It involves a stranger, a Scotty dog named Max, airport security and a long layover at the Boston airport. I’ll tell you about it sometime.

Although it’s been fun catching up on my movies, I’ll admit that I would much rather have Jack home negotiating over which dramas not to watch.


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  1. Love to see someone else interested in foreign films! I will definitely be adding the German film and Creation to my Netflix list. I really enjoyed Cache, although I find a lot of people I discuss it with, didn’t understand the open ending. I am also a huge Juliette Binoche fan. Shutter Island was one of Leo’s best performances in my opinion (behind Gilbert Grape and Inception). I reviewed Invictus on my own blog, not great but not bad. Hope you enjoyed your marathon of movies…I always do. 🙂

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