Thank you!!!!



Sooooo … yesterday I spent most of the day working in the backyard. It was hot, sweaty and itchy work. Plus there are aspects of it that are crazy laborious. By the time I made it to the front garden I was a tad grumpy.

When I turned to water the pots on our front steps I was surprised—and then delighted—to see a package on the doorstep.

Nestled inside was a box of these beautiful babies, Paulette’s macarons.

Holy baloney! Angels broke out in song. Trumpets blew. And I believe a bright light broke through the clouds to beam upon the macaron bodaciousness. In other words, a moment was had.

My grumpiness turned to giddiness in an instant. But really, who can look at these babies and not crack a smile?

And look how many there are!


Look at how cute they are!


How adorable!


It’s a rainbow of deliciousness. The flavors are potent and distinct.


Dang, they’re cute AND delectable!


Thank you, Jeanne! You’re the best mother-in-law ever! I’m missing your son something fierce and you just made my week.


Your grateful daughter-in-law

(P.S. I’m going to do my best to save Jack one of each flavor, but please don’t hate me if I accidentally nibble one or two from his pile. The caramel ones are so fantastic and I’m only human!)


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  1. Glad you like them. Marie bought some in Beverly Hills and said they were delicious. I didn’t realize there was a store in San Fran.

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