Party time



I’m back! I’m back from Alaska, have recouped a bit of sleep and am ready to go again.

During my absence I had set a number of posts to publish daily so that there would be something new and fresh for y’all to read. Unfortunately, my setup konked out part way through. Sorry about that.

But now I’m back. Sans husband I might add. I’ve got a whole ten days without husband (he is working in some remote location in Northern Alaska). Boo.

On the other hand, it also means that it’s time to play. Picture Tom Cruise sliding into the room in his socks in that famous scene from Risky Business. Oh, yeah. It’s time to party my friends.

But instead of inviting friends over to get drunk and trash my house, my version of “party” goes like this … maybe I’ll repaint the bathroom (I hate the color green that is in there). Or re-do the laundry room (I’ve been dying to do this, it’s ugly and inefficient). I might completely re-do our bedroom. When the fella gets home, it could be red instead of blue.

I might attempt to go off of coffee. This is always a feat better attempted when alone. It gets ugly. I get cranky and a wee bitchy.

I’m going to cook whatever I want, which means a much lighter fare than when Jack’s home. I’m going to experiment to my heart’s delight. I’m going to go hog wild and not worry when something is inedible. I’m going to make a mess in the kitchen. It’s going to be glorious, folks!

I’m a crazy party animal, I know.

One of my goals this year is to improve my Japanese culinary skills. Quite some time ago I ordered …


Upon my arrival from Alaska I found this lovely cookbook sitting on my doorstep. I took it as a sign. It is time to practice my Japanese cooking.

To get in the spirit of things … I pulled these photos from a sushi night that Jack and I had just before we left for Alaska. I had picked up some wonderful Ahi tuna fillets and we made our own sushi. To accompany our simple meal was a warm and fragrant bowl of miso soup, a bowl of edamame for noshing and of course, chilled Sapporo beer.


Sometimes the simplest things are so incredibly delicious. A slice of tuna over a patty of rice. How simple.

How scrumptious.

It’s one of the things I love about Japanese food—that less is most often more.


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