Kayaking Suisun Slough



Earlier this year for his 40th birthday Jack got a pair of ocean kayaks. Whenever possible we throw ’em up on the car and head for the water. Start to finish, we can be in the water within twenty minutes. With summer’s long days, kayaking at sunset is not only doable, but a luxurious joy.

The nearby Suisun Slough covers 116,000 acres of conservation land and it is expansive with innumerous waterways that eventually lead out towards the San Francisco byways. Most often the waters are calm and easy. The surrounding marshes are filled with wildlife both aquatic and aviary. I’ve heard that birders from all over flock to Suisun for excellent birding, especially during the annual migration along the Pacific Flyway.

While on the water it is not uncommon to have birds land within a few feet and see fish surface the water right next to you.

It’s peaceful and so relaxing.










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  1. The last time the fandamily and I went canoeing…it involved a near drowning, freezing, exhaustion and nearly losing my children…a super special day all around. Perhaps a kayak is better, then no one else will nearly kill me, I can do it myself.

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