Wish I’d known



(Photo capture: OnceWed.com)

Yeesh. I wish I’d known about Once Wed before Tara’s wedding. What a beautiful and creative collection of ideas, photography and memory-catching moments.

And although these are all weddings I think they’re apropos for many a party. I could spend ages looking through this site. So many inspiring ideas.

For example:

Those yellow glasses … I have those same glasses in my cabinet. I also have wine glasses. And a backyard with a lawn (thanks to the best husband ever!) and a big shady tree that’s perfect for hanging lanterns, twinkle lights and a cutie chandelier. Hmmm.


Chinese lanterns? At my old house in Vallejo I had red and white chinese lanterns hanging throughout the pergola canopies over the decks. Along with twinkly lights they charm up any space. I’m thinking I might have to hang a couple on our front porch.


I love these glass ornaments as candle holders for tea lights. It’s so versatile. I think they’d also make lovely take-home mementos or even could work as an invitation. Can you imagine receiving a little box with one of these ornaments inside inviting you to a dinner party? How fun. You could put just about anything in there. Maybe some moss and a dramatic black and white photo. Or part of a peacock feather. Or robin’s eggs. Or a cool fishing lure. Or a funny plastic action figure. You could go from esoteric to charming to romantic to goofy. The possibilities are endless.


Moss as a table runner. Hmm. I like it.


See what I mean? I could browse for hours.

Now I want to throw a dinner party post haste.


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