Inspired to plant more flowers



When we were in Oklahoma we fell in love with these dark purple Calla Lillies. Jack’s mother had planted about a dozen in honor of Tara (her wedding flower was the Calla Lily) and they looked so beautiful. I had no idea they came in so many colors! My mom has the traditional white in her front yard, which I’ve always loved. Remember when we made her a Calla Lily corsage for mum’s day?

Jack and I kept looking at these purple beauties and telling each other, “We need to get some of those when we get home.”

So we did.

A couple months ago Jack developed a color palette for our house based upon purples, pinks, red and white. This gorgeous basket flanks our side door, which is the entrance we use most often. It’s a cheerful welcome home.


And he carried the palette into the English garden that he planted in our front yard.



So far the garden seems to be doing well. The plants have absolutely exploded.



I love these little daisy ground covers. They currently line our driveway. They filled in so quickly, are easy to maintain and look so happy and spring-like. Who doesn’t like daisies?


The only area that was left to be done was a patch on the far left side of our front yard, the “fugly patch”. I wish I had a picture of the ‘before’ to show you but really, it was so ugly I couldn’t bring myself to take a photo. It was filled with odd bushes and grasses, weeds, old buried plastic and eight billion rocks. We’d been avoiding this little section like the plague. Getting the soil ready to plant wasn’t going to be fun. Finally, it just needed to be done.

Like the wonderful wife that I am I invited a bunch of bookclub girlfriends over for lunch and an afternoon of girl-chat so that Jack could be left alone to tackle the “fugly patch” in peace. I think he was somewhat relieved to escape an afternoon of my “help”.

Here’s what he did … the “fugly patch” is the area in the foreground of the big bushes. (Those Mini Cooper-sized bushes and that big Juniper have been there forever and instead of ripping them out we’ve elected to try and work around/with them. It means we have kind of an eclectic front garden, but oh well.) He ended up planting a beautiful Japanese maple (we kept dismissing it, but he happened to find it on sale and went for it—yay!), two types of ivy ground cover, nearly a dozen Calla Lillies and some kind of purple flowering bush, I’m sorry I don’t know the name of it.


He also addressed this little no-man’s land in the back of the “fugly patch”, which had previously been just hard packed dirt, rocks and weeds. He repurposed all the little river rocks that we’d pulled from the garden and a handful of pavers.

He calls it his path to nowhere. But actually it has turned into his path to go to the corner of the yard and pee behind a bush.

What is it with men peeing outdoors? Twenty feet away is a perfectly good restroom with indoor plumbing.


Anyway, back to the “fugly patch”.




Not so fugly anymore.


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  1. Absolutely beautiful!! What a difference from the first photos of the house!! It is amazing what you have done in such a short time.

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