Window boxes and baby’s first haircut



The UPS dude brought our window boxes last week and we couldn’t wait for the weekend to hang them.

Originally we were going to make our window boxes out of redwood or cedar, but I really wanted something that was going to be extremely low maintenance, easy to install and replant every year and most importantly, would drain properly and not ruin our house (and brand new paint job) with water damage. My niggling worry had me researching like crazy and I finally found something that I liked. I ended up ordering two window boxes from Hooks & Lattice. They’re made of extruded fiberglass that makes them light weight, super durable, I don’t have to repaint them since they’re already white, and they’ve got a built in irrigation system that makes me feel so much more comfortable. They were also highly recommended by This Old House. ‘Nuf said.

The only bummer was the price tag, which had me gulping. It’s hefty. But I think they’re going to be worth it. We certainly like them so far.

Here’s the one in front of our bedroom window. This is a south-facing window that gets baked by the sun so we planted heat hardy plants: some purple daisies and pink flowering ice plants.


In the front of the house it gets partial shade so we switched to impatiens and geraniums. I can’t wait to see them in a month or two when they finally fill out. I think they’ll look really good, don’t you?


The other big thing that happened this weekend is that Jack’s baby—his lawn that he’s raised from seed—got its first haircut. And … Jack bought a lawn mower. Twas a good day folks. He was pretty excited to go pick out his lawn mower, bring it home and fire it up. He got a Husqvarna with a Honda engine. He was happy.

Here it is. Military buzzcut on the left, bohemian long on the right. Reminds me of the mullet—business in the front, party in the back.


Man. That’s one sexy lawnmower. And one serious dude mowing the lawn, eh? Looks intense. Mowing the lawn is serious business. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Here he is telling me that no one can mow the lawn but him because he’s afraid “someone” will run over his sprinkler heads.


Believe me fella. If that makes you happy, that makes me happy. Under absolutely no circumstances will I mow the lawn. You can count on me!

I’m all about makin’ you happy.


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  1. ROFL Jack the mower man is definately someone I wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley 🙂 Flower boxes look GORGEOUS!

  2. And he looks so macho with the pink water wand!!!! Your garden is lovely and the grass looks so healthy. Can he come here and fix ours?

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