I wanna, wanna, wanna …



I love beets.

Like, I really love beets. Almost in a weird way.

As a kid I didn’t like them that much. But that was when they came out of a can and looked like molded jello. Once I had fresh beets, it was all over. I was in love. And uh, I think it’s unrequited.

Several months ago I read about the scrumptiousness of beet raviolis and ever since I’ve been dying to make them. There’s a Mario Batali recipe on Food Network that looks like it might just fit the bill.

Is it beet season yet?


Is it?

Huh, huh, huh?

What am I, twelve? I know, pretty silly. But if you feel the way I do about beets you’d totally understand. It’s the same way I feel about Jean Luc Picard from Star Treak Next Generation. There’s just a special silly place in my heart that can’t contain the giddiness.


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