Last year my rowing team had a fund raising garage sale. One of my teammates donated about ten of her son’s old Tonka trucks. As soon as I saw them I snagged a couple in wild glee.

I used to have the dump truck when I was a kid. My Barbie used it to haul rocks and dirt.

I also thought Jack would get a kick out of ’em. I mean, he’s a dude who LOVES tractors and tools. Plus, he’s a soil scientist. How perfect can the combo be? They’re both literal and metaphorical.

When we were living in the cabin we had them out on the patio. At thanksgiving they “dumped and scooped” miniature pumpkins and gourds. It was cute.

But not as cute as this.

In our new house Jack has put them out front in the garden and filled them with flowers. I think he did it in part to see if the neighborhood kids will notice. Every weekend we catch them talking about all the flowers, pointing, oohing and aahing.

It’s pretty darn adorable all the way around.



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  1. Who needs a stinking Barbie convertible when you can use a Tonka truck? I have to laugh, we did the same thing….ride Barbie around in the dump truck.

    They are really cute!!!

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