Happy Mum’s Day



We love flowers in this house. Love, love, love ’em. Despite being uber-budget conscious we’ll spend $4 a week on fresh cut flowers for the kitchen. I always have a sprig of something in a cute little vase in the bathroom, in our bedroom and on my desk. It’s the best $4 a week that we spend.

We also love giving flowers to friends and family. For mum’s day Jack wanted to give my mom a corsage. He was pretty insistent about it and made sure that we made time in our day to get her one. (Just another reason I love this dude.)

Instead of paying $20 for a corsage we decided to make her one. I knew she’d love it so much more if she knew that we were thrifty about it. And it’s ridiculously easy.

Step 1. Get floral tape at local hobby store. $1.39

Step 2. Cut some flowers from your garden. We cut two baby cala lilies, a cala lily leaf and two sprigs of asparagus fern.

Step 3. Tape ’em together. Trim ends. Get a stick pin (I pulled one from my sewing box) and you’re done.

Happy Mum’s Day!


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