And we’re painting … and painting … and painting



It feels like I’ve been painting for years. And years. And many more years. In reality it’s only been two days.

Well, actually, since returning home in March I’ve been painting up a storm. I repainted a bathroom, our office, all the doors, the pantry (with that DREADED bead board! UGH! Love the look; hate painting it!) and eight thousand touch ups and patches throughout the interior of the house. I’ve repainted cabinets and fixtures, a table, chairs, and even a couple frames. Yeah, I’ve been doing a bit of painting.

Finally we’re starting on the exterior of the house. FINALLY! YAY! YIPPEE!!! WOOOHOOO!!!

Except as I sit here typing,—and praying that I don’t leave black paint smudges on my keyboard—I’m already sick of the painting.

Despite my grumpiness I can already see the potential. It’s the only thing saving me from gouging my own eyeballs out.

Looky here to see my before and afters …

(Picture me waving my arms up and down a la Vanna White.)

This is my driveway gate. It used to be forest green (on da left). It’s now well on its way to jet black (on da right). What are all those blotches? Please don’t ask.

Let’s move along, shall we?


Here’s the side of the house. New color (Behr’s Lost Summit) on the left; old color (some kinda beigy pink) on the right. Hmm. As I look at it in this photo the new color kinda looks like cement gray.






This is actually our color palette. Plus black. Supposedly that taupy-brown is Lost Summit. In reality the sampling is indeed a darker gray and that’s what we wanted. I did up a very rough mock to see if we were on the right track. Forgive the crudeness, okay? I know that had I taken oodles more time I could have made this look quite nice, but I really wasn’t in the mood. I just wanted to get a gist before I went out and bought 12,000 gallons of paint.


Before. Sorta. I fiddled with our awnings a bit, but don’t pay attention to those. They’re gonna be different anyway. I’ll let it be a surprise for you in a couple of weeks when they’re installed.








Well, pray with me and I’ll show you what happens as we get it done.

Let us pray, folks. Pray hard.


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