Happy Mom’s Day: a travel clutch



If your mother is like my mine, she’s doesn’t want much for Mother’s Day except for her kids (and grandkids) to be healthy and happy. Check. Check. We’re healthy. We’re happy.

Every year I rack my brains for something to give her that a) doesn’t cost a lot of money (she LOVES it when I’m thrifty), b) she can actually use/appreciate and doesn’t add clutter, and c) that’s a little different than the year before.

Seriously, what do you get the mom that has everything?

Well, I’m still not sure what that is, but this year I decided to make a travel clutch for her. She’s been traveling quite a lot and I don’t see her slowing down anytime soon. This gift fits all the aforementioned criteria.

What the hey-ball is a travel clutch? Weeeellllll. I’m just making this up, but it works for me: A travel clutch is a pocketbook that is long enough to hold one’s airline tickets, boarding pass, passport, ID and a $20 bill—everything you’ll need to check-in, get through airport security, grab a latte and magazine before boarding your flight. You can keep this little clutch separate from your wallet containing credit cards, bulk cash, etc. which allows you to safely stow these items away.

The other nice thing about these clutches is that if they’re cute enough (and they totally are) you can throw your wallet, lipstick and sunglasses in it and use it for a day clutch or elegant evening bag once on your trip. It packs light and small, and can work triple duty for you. Not bad, huh?

I saw the tutorial for these darling clutches on Noodlehead, who is amazingly crafty and talented. If you haven’t seen her stuff, check it out. She’s inspiring.

The only thing I wanted different was that they be longer in order to accommodate travel docs like boarding passes and airline tickets. And I tweaked the inside pockets to hold a passport and one ID set vertically instead of horizontally for easy access.

These little babies came together pretty easily and cost about $4 each to make.

Since I was tweaking the pattern and I’m not the most experienced sewer, I did a little “test clutch” first.



I’m glad I did because I needed to lengthen the whole thing another three inches and had to get the seam ripper out twice, BUT once I was finished I knew exactly what to do. The remaining three came together in less time than it took me to produce the first one. And I felt comfortable that I wasn’t going to screw up on the pretty, elegant, more expensive fabrics that I’d gotten just for Mom.

Here they are:


#1: Silvers and Taupes


The final clutch measures 10.5″x5″.


The inside pockets perfectly fit a passport (or two, since my mom has two) and ID. Also the lining is in a different fabric, while the pocket matches the outside sash.


I love these fabrics. Can you see the metallics? It’s a beautiful silver and gold with copper polka dots.

#2: Blues and Golds



#3: Golds and Greens



We ended up celebrating Mother’s Day with my mum this past Sunday and I was able to gift her with a travel clutch just hours before dropping her off at the airport for her flight to Asia. We sent her off with the Gold and Green one. She loved trying out her new clutch and later reported that it worked beautifully for her.


For the step-by-step tutorial, check out Noodlehead.

What are you guys doing for your mum on Mom’s Day?


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  1. I was thinking the same thing, Rose!!!

    What a great idea……I even think it would be a good idea to do one in “manly” fabric……so Mr. could have his crapola….oh I mean important documents…….easily accessible.

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