Sugar and Spice and Puppy Dog Tails



There’s been much talk of munchkins lately.

Jack’s sister is pregnant. Naturally his mom is quite excited. My mom keeps looking at me and wiggling her eyebrows, asking, what about you? Hurry up and have some kids while I’m still around to play with them.

No pressure there. Nope. None at all.


These kids are two of my cousins’ kids in Vietnam. We’d all gone to Bac Trang—a town known for its pottery—to visit and, ahem, buy pottery. I admit that I bought a few dishes and hand carried these heavy suckers all the way home to the U.S. Please don’t roll your eyes at me. I couldn’t help it! Dishes are my ultimate weakness! They’re super cute and were worth the pain-in-the-rear packing techniques and hand lugging over four time zones. I’ll post about them sometime soon.

Anyway, these two little kids are cousins to each other and while they’re good friends and love hanging out together they couldn’t be more different from one another. It was fun to watch them interact. Man, there sure is a difference between boys and girls.

I think almost every photo I have of this boy he’s got his arm jacked up somewhere (as in this photo), is picking his nose, scrunching up his face, karate punching something or just plain causing terror. Look at the little anime statue that he chose to paint. He loved the wild hair. And his painting technique was modeled after the Jackson Pollock fling-paint-everywhere brush stroke.

He’s definitely all about puppy dog tails—a constant jiggle and wiggle, hopping all over the place.


And than there’s this sweetheart. Really, she’s one of the sweetest little beings on the planet. She oozes sweetness and serenity. Actually, I think she’s a bit of an old soul.

She’s all sugar and spice. Sweet, sweet, sweet.


Here’s my cousin Ly (their aunt) and my uncle (their grandfather) who loves to take photos more than anyone I’ve ever met. Even more than me. This man has a camera (or video camera) glued to his hands at all times. It was his job to watch over the kids while all the ladies went shopping for dishes and pottery. He spent most of his time trying to corral the Puppy Dog Tail.

Yeah, good luck Uncle.

Ly and I just watched and laughed. We’re supportive that way.


And we continued hanging out with Sugar and Spice. The happy, pink, lovey dovey bubble of girldom was going strong.


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