Snack foods


Oh, man. One of the things that I love about Vietnam is the street food and snacks that are available everywhere. You can’t walk ten meters down the street without running into a street vendor offering up small bites of yumminess.


Let’s start with the normal stuff: ice cream cups. Popsicles and soft serve cones are also extremely popular. Here we’ve got an assortment of flavors that we definitely do not get at home: mung bean, durian, taro, aloe vera yogurt and casava chocolate.


Rice crispy ball sweetened with sugar syrup.


Corn puffs sweetened with molasses and a little ginger.


Fresh roasted sweet potatoes and casabas. It really hits the spot when it’s cold and chilly outside.


Sliced green mangoes sprinkled with a mixture of white pepper, salt and chili pepper. (This dish in particular reminds me of my childhood growing up in South America. I absolutely love it!)



Fresh roasted water chestnuts.


Fresh roasted corn sprinkled with sea salt.


Steamed sweet black bean cake filled with coconut and mung beans. This is kind of like a steamed sweet dumpling wrapped in banana leaves. It’s a specialty of the city of Nam Dinh.


Rice cakes topped with a gingered peanut brittle.

There is so much more available but I was too busy snacking to remember to take more photos. Ha! Oh, boy. It’s a wonder I’m not waddling home. All the street food snacks are so delicious and fun to eat.


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  1. At first, the water chestnuts looked like beetles to me (we called them June Bugs)…..The durian ices interested me. I’ve smelled durian, but never eaten it….hear it’s pretty good.

    I never ate a chestnut till I met my husband. They are Italian and are crazy for them at the holidays….not bad but the peeling is a bit of work.

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