Love this dude.



To: Sweets
From: Your loving wife

Once upon a time
at the urging of a friend
I sent an email to a stranger
saying “Welcome to the West”.

Friendship was the motive
simple and pure
taking care of a friend’s friend
expecting nothing, not a lure.

Never in my dreams
did I expect you to reply
with a mix of sass and humor
that would quickly catch my eye.

Emails flew
smiles traded
friendship grew
and we met belated.

Into my life you swept
a Celtic ginger head
tall like a redwood
with a super sexy tread.

You came bearing gifts
great food and great drink
and then did the dishes
causing me to think …

Who is this man
who wields
a dish rag so well?

After an evening of Scotch
and talking ’til dawn
I could see in your eyes
what you couldn’t tell:

can’t be bought
you either are
or you’re not

not a snot.

Over time you lured me
under the canopy of your leaves
for protection and shelter
and a little pretty please.

For all this I am grateful
for time spent and words spared
pursuing friendship and love
with laughter and care.

Today I call cupid
to play a big part
and send you an arrow
containing my heart.

From Asia I hail
one hundred kisses I send
over oceans and seas
’til I see you again.


Miss you, sweets.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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