The quest for beauty knows no boundaries



(Note: I apologize to all the men reading this. We’re taking a quick girl-break. Close your eyes and go to a happy place—this won’t take long, I promise.)

This morning we ran some errands and hit the local supermarket. Imagine a trip to a Walmart or Target and you’ve got the picture.

While wandering my way towards the shampoo aisle I was arrested by the sight of an entire aisle filled with packages of Asian facials scrubs, masks and skin enhancers. Oooohhh. What have we here?

Of course I’m familiar with the category of product—facials scrubs and masks—however, these particular varietals are not typically found in the local grocery stores at home. I’m used to almond, oatmeal and cucumber. These seemed so much more exotic.

Here we’ve got …




Cooooool. There were so many more: lemongrass, ginger, seaweed and even tamarind. I couldn’t resist picking up a few. Each packet cost about US$0.30 and contained volume enough for one use.

Man, I love being a girl! Whether or not this stuff actually works, I have no idea, but it sure is fun trying ’em out.

(Regular programming shall now be resumed. Thank you for watching.)


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