Travel: Dogs of Alaska (and their owners)



Everyone in Alaska seems to have at LEAST one dog and they bring said dog(s) everywhere. Wherever the people go, the dogs go, too. If you don’t like dogs, don’t go to Alaska. Really. Seriously. Slowly back away from the state border and run like hell. RUN LIKE THE WIND! Go, go, go!

Still here? Okay, let’s move on and meet our first dog.

Teresa and Jaime have three dogs and two cats. At some point I will introduce you to Cosmo (named after Suz Brockmann’s fictional heartthrob character Cosmo). This dog is a lover. No surprise given his namesake.

But today, we’re not into lovers. We’re into more intimidating, scary, ferocious canines.

This is Teresa’s brother Lorien’s dog who comes over almost daily to romp with the Hollingsworth pooches while Lorien’s at work. It’s some kind of awesome doggy daycare, man.

Meet R-Lo.


Hey, lady. Look into my eyes and listen carefully. I’m a dog you don’t want to mess with. I’m deadly and ferocious. I could rip your throat out in 2.6 seconds. Don’t stare me down … I’m alpha dog! I’ll take you out, mamasita.


Okay. Maybe not alpha dog. I might be beta.


No, no. I’m alpha dog. Really!

Hey, you wanna scratch my belly?




Hold on. Where you going? Don’t you wanna scratch my belly?







Aw, c’mon. I’m cute. Did I mention that I’m Alpha dog?




Actually, I’m more like an Alpha-in-training. In the meantime I’m just sweet, lovable and pretty darn goofy. Uhm, still wanna scratch my belly? No?

Now, meet R-Lo’s owner … Lorien.

See any resemblance between R-Lo and Lorien?


Congrats on the awesome (and award-winning) short film, Lorien! You’re a talented photographer, filmmaker and artist. To check out Lorien’s fab photos of Alaska, go here >>> and peruse the series called “Places that look like dreams I had once”. Awesome!

And further congrats on the pending nuptials. Look forward to someday meeting your beautiful “smiley” girl!


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