Food: My favorite breakfast in Alaska



Most of my stay in Alaska was spent bunking with friends Teresa and Jaime at their home in Fairbanks. My thanks to these two cannot be expressed enough. Let me tell you, these guys are the hosts with the most! They’ve got the perfect combo of pampering and make-yourself-at-home down to an art.

A big boon of crashing at their pad was the home-cooking. They’ve got a beautiful open kitchen that is perfect for cooking and entertaining—whether you’re actively involved in the cooking process or just sitting at the bar and watching them dish, it’s a nice setup. And both Teresa and Jaime sport serious culinary skills, which makes for some darn good food.

My favorite breakfast was one dished up by Jaime …

… a simple country breakfast of bacon, eggs and bagels. I’ve had this combo many times before, but never prepared in quite this manner.

Holy hell! Where has this breakfast been all my life? What rock have I been living under? My God, this meal is tasty, but let me warn you … it’s not for the faint of heart. Seriously, I had to go take a nap about fifteen minutes after eating this fabulous concoction. I could literally feel my arteries clogging and my body chugging in slow-mo as it tried to digest all that deliciousness. Erika thought my reaction was so funny that she apparently took a picture of me napping … at 9:30am. (If she were my friend she would delete that photo from her cute little camera.) But it was totally worth it! Oh, man was it worth it.

Here’s my hindsight advice: a) run ten miles BEFORE breakfast and b) plan the post-meal nap time. All will be well. Grub with a happy heart, my friends. Go forth and clog.

Step 1: In a cast iron pan fry up ten pounds of bacon. Or maybe just a pound, whatever works for you … the key here is to get a buildup of about a quarter-inch of bacon fat in the pan when you’re done. I’m sorry to say that I don’t have any photos of the bacon cooking … I was too busy eating it as it came out of the pan. You’ll have to use your imagination here. Cook up all your bacon and remove to a paper towel covered plate to let the fat drain a bit while you cook the rest of the meal.

Step 2: In the same pan that you cooked the bacon drop four eggs (or however many fit comfortably in your pan) into the bacon fat and don’t touch it, just let it begin to cook. See what we’re doing here? We’re POACHING eggs in BACON FAT! How crazy is that?

It’s nuts, I know! And then cover the eggs for 2-3 minutes and let those puppies poach.


Step 3: Uncover the eggs and separate them with a spatula.


Step 4: Flip each egg and let cook another three minutes or so.




See all that yummy black crust from the bacon? Good Lord.

Once cooked on both sides, remove the eggs to a paper towel covered plate to let some of that glorious bacon fat drip off. I know it seems sacrilegious, but believe me, you’ll be ingesting plenty of bacon fat by the time we’re done here.

Step 5:
Take your bagel and slice it in half. Drop each bagel half, cut side down, into the still cooking bacon fat and let those babies toast up for a couple minutes.

I wish I had a picture of the bagels cooking, but I was having trouble wrapping my mind around the “toasting” of bagels in a quarter-inch of bacon fat. I was completely flabbergasted. I could see the bagels just soaking up the grease. My heart began fluttering fast and hard, but I wasn’t sure if it was because of fear for my arteries or excitement for my taste buds.

Pull ’em out and get ready to dish some serious yummy.


Step 6: Layer onto the bagel a “poached” egg and a couple of crispy slices of bacon.

Enjoy! And then go take a nap.

P.S. Thank you Jaime for introducing this healthful dish into my life. A thousand curses, big guy!


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  1. Uh, I have pictures of the bacon cooking and the bagels in the bacon grease. But photobucket hates me this week and they keep failing to upload. I’ve spent 4 hours trying to upload some of my 355 pictures from Alaska and I have succeeded with 8. Grr Argh! Maybe I can make it work sunday by using my ‘puter at work.

  2. Sounds like breakfast at my house every weekend. When Donnie cooks it’s bacon and grease everywhere. lol I’ll have to tell him about the poaching in inches of grease…that should bring a big smile to his face. 🙂

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