Community: Officially certified



I graduated from the Citizen’s Police Academy a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, due to loss of brain function on my part, I had scheduled something else on the same night as graduation and therefore didn’t go through the official closing out ceremonies that is such a big part of the Police Academy culture. I think I was stuck in a boring Board meeting that night. Would much rather have been at graduation getting pinned by the Chief of Police and the Mayor, and yucking it up with my fellow Academy cohorts exclaiming, “We survived!”.

Big bummer for me.

This weekend I received a package in the mail from the Police Department and in it was my official graduation diploma, a letter from the Chief and a DVD filled with video and photographs of our Academy experience. It caused me to genuflect … shocking, I know.

Top 5 Things I loved about Citizen’s Police Academy:

  1. Riding along with an officer on evening patrol.
  2. Learning about the importance of Code Enforcement. It sounds dry, but I’m telling you, it was one of THE most fascinating modules of the Academy. Jaw-dropping!
  3. Touring the local jail and talking with the correction’s officers. I have a whole new respect for these men and women.
  4. Watching the canine unit in action and watching the bond between human and canine partners.
  5. Learning to shoot with the SWAT team. Oh, man. Just fun. And thanks to a certain officer, you know who you are (Cade), for staying until every last one of us had time under your funny and precise tutelage. You rock the house, man!





If you get a chance to participate in your local police department’s Citizen’s Police Academy, DO IT! It’s enlightening, empowering and fun. Plus, it’s completely free. What’s not to love? I’m telling you, you won’t regret it.


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