PhotobucketIt’s damn near impossible to lose weight while working in this office.

Mornings are always humorous around here. Each staffer’s arrival is noted and punctuated by exclamations of outrage coming from the bowels of the kitchen.

“God! Dammit! Who brought in the cookies!”

I apologize for the swearing, but that’s exactly what you’ll hear. Almost everyone says it. I think the only person who doesn’t cap a profanity is Debbie and that’s because she’s a saint. Although I have to tell you the handful of times that I have heard her swear I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself.


We’re very into food—the buying, the cooking, the eating, the evaluating and the enjoying of it. We pretty much like everything about it except for the calorie count.

Nearly every day of the week someone brings something in: homeade cookies, chips and salsa, strawberry shortcake, artisanal cheese, charcuterie … you name it and we’re bringing it in. And I’m sorry to report that it doesn’t just stop at food, we’re frequently sharing wine, spirits and new-fangled concoctions like mandarin-pineapple-lime soda.  Add on to all that the substantial amount of taste-testing that we do and it’s a wonder that we all don’t weight four hundred pounds and roll around the office like balls in a pinball machine.

Yesterday Julia brought in ice cream cupcakes from Cold Stone Creamery. I think I’ve talked about these objets d’sin before.


Oh, boy.

I was tired and a wee cranky. Darn it all if those stupid cupcakes didn’t look appealing. Look at that icing! Look at the sugar! Look at the SIN!


Oh, heavens.

I was WEAK! I was tempted and I succumbed! I saw fifty Hail Mary’s in my future despite not being Catholic.

BUT I was comforted in the fact that everyone else in the office was as big a sucker as I was.



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