Day in the life: Baby breaks



This is our managing editor, Jeannie, and her son Avi, who is now four months old. (I first met him when he was two hours old. My, time has flown by!) Avi comes to work with Jeannie and it’s a blessed thing—more for the rest of us than for him or Jeannie, I think. We all babysit him while Jeannie has meetings. We all change his diapers and warm his bottles. We all take turns bouncing his bouncy-thingy with our foot to keep him happy. We all hold him in our laps as we type away during the daily grind. He gets passed around during editorial meetings like a department talisman. Even the office dogs look after him.

He’s a welcome break during our hectic days.

Cuddling this little munchkin is the best 3-second stress decompressor around.


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