Entertainment: Sailing San Francisco bay



This past weekend Simone arranged for a day of sailing the San Francisco bay with her pal Fran on his boat, the Tequila. The weather forecast claimed overcast skies and chilly weather. Instead we got clear skies and sunshine. It could not have been a more beautiful day.

It’s days like this that I count my lucky stars.

(I just need to point out the flaws in my photography: do you see what’s in focus in Simone’s photo? Her shoulder. Why her shoulder? I’m not sure, but I have a ton of photos where my focus point is off just slightly from what I know my original target was. Next time I think I need to ditch the sunglasses. Or get my eyes checked. Very annoying. I love this photo of Simone though. It’s how I always picture her … but appropriately in focus.)

This is Fran. Fran’s been sailing for about fifty years. We like Fran. Good man.


Here’s Fran teaching us the basics of sailing: how to manage the lines (a.k.a. “ropes”). And then he put us to work. Well, when I say “us” I mean Jack, Karin and Simone. I pretty much did nothing but take photos and drink beer.


Lines, booms, sheets …


Here’s Karin, author extraordinaire. In the beginning she was a little pensive. Excited, but pensive. Karin cracks me up.


And then she got up to steer the boat. Do you say “steer” the boat? Navigate? Whatever, you know what I mean. Poor Karin had some fairly choppy water to navigate and we were glad to see that she was concentrating pretty intensely. But never fear folks, Fran was never far away. Thank you, Lord. (When I was at the wheel I tipped us a wee dangerously. Twice.)




Coming up is the Oakland Bay Bridge—that’s Angel Island there in the middle. Simone and Jack alternated at the wheel and took us under the bridges. Seriously, how often do you get a chance to view the bridges from this angle? It’s pretty awesome.




Jack seemed to be pretty comfortable at the wheel. I think he was having a good day. It makes me smile to see Jack smiling.



We cruised around Treasure Island before heading on over to AT&T Park’s McCovey Cove to check out the baseball game … the Giants were playing the A’s. I guess the Giants won.



From there Fran took us south, the winds calmed to 10-12kn and we kicked back.


(See what’s in focus above? Fran’s hat. NOT Fran’s face as intended. Bah. But I still love his expression—Happy.)

This last photo of Jack in the stern of the boat is probably one of my favorites of the day, like it summed up the feeling we all had … that it doesn’t get better than squatting a front row seat to just soak up the views, the wind, the smells of the salt water—the freedom.


Life is good.


5 responses »

  1. ahhhh 🙂 It MAKES me happy to see Jack smile too! Glad you guys had fun. Can’t wait to see you in a few short days….

  2. Hey, nice photos! I kinda like being out of focus. I guess I know where my jetlag went, into your camera.

    Had a great day. Thanks to Fran for the ride!


  3. Cool! I went sailing sunday too! But down here in SoCal and with a little more fear for my life, which ebbed a bit once the sails went up. Looks like the bay might make for smoother seas. Yes, I know smooth seas don’t make a skilled mariner, but I just wanna be on the water. I have no pictures from my trip – refer back to fear for life part. Thanks for sharing your day!

  4. What a great day !!

    I LOVE the picture of Simone – there is something about being “out of focus” that catches a little bit of “mystery” about the person. A beautiful shot!

    Wish I could join you – maybe this summer??


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