Food: In search of the perfect carnitas burrito


PhotobucketWe’re still in search of the perfect carnitas burrito. Yes, still.

Hey, man. These things take time, persistence and focus like you’ve never seen before. We’re talking serious dedication here!

In this office it wouldn’t be unheard of to hear two people discussing the texture of carnitas meat for a solid fifteen minutes. We’re wacky that way.

Next up on the chopping block: La Charrita Mexican Market.

We like La Charrita for many things: awesome salsas, guacamole (despite the fact that it’s pureed versus chunked) and their pico de gallo. They also dish up some darn good fresh ceviche daily. And the bakery is going around the clock so that the aromas of fresh-out-of-the-oven breads envelope you as soon as you walk into the market no matter the time of day.

About a week ago, Jess, our accountant, came to work with massive goodies from La Charrita. Yay, Jess! Knowing that we’re taste-testing carnitas burritos she brought one with her and offered me a bite. I could barely give it back to her it was so good. She ended up giving me half—a major concession since I nearly wolfed the entire thing down.

It was one of the best carnitas burritos I’d tasted. I was in heaven.

But in our true taste-testing fashion, we needed to try it again (and again and again), with many more people and many more options. So, here’s the latest scoop >>>

Regular carnitas burrito (rice, beans, salsa, meat)


Super carnitas burrito (rice, beans, salsa, meat, guacamole, sour cream)


Halpin’s made-her-way carnitas burritos (salsa, meat). Rice and beans on the side.


Our conclusion: a) We loved the carnitas meat for it’s crunchy outer edge and succulent inner meat. It was very flavorful and tasty. In general the meat was very moist. b) More of us preferred the “Super” option with guacamole and sour cream for the added moistness and flavor. c) And we like the prices: $3.99-$4.59; d) speedy service.

Here’s what we didn’t like: a) We prefer big chunks of carnitas meat and more often than not, we got little shredded slivers; b) they consistently screwed up at least one burrito in our order EVERY TIME we ordered something. That last photo of “Halpin’s made-her-way” … is actually a carne asada burrito, which is NOT WHAT WE ORDERED! c) refried beans were our only option; d) the standard salsa is pretty spicy, and while we love it, not everyone loves it quite that hot. Unfortunately, no other options are available.

I’m sorry to report that the pefection of the first burrito that I tried (from Jess) was not to be repeated for the rest of our tasting trials. While the carnitas are tasty, the final product is wildly inconsistent and you the run the risk of getting something entirely different from what you ordered. If you like burrito “surprises”, this is the place for you!


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