Day in the life: Fundraising for charity



Our company does a big fundraiser every year to raise money for kids’ health care. We throw a big golf tournament and party in the fall and it’s generally a lot of fun. Since we started two years ago we’ve raised over $400,000.

In addition to the main event in the fall we throw little shindigs here and there to keep the fund raising momentum going. Last night we hosted several dozen prospective donors at a baseball game at Sacramento’s Raley Field. We took over the stadium’s big party suite and had a heck of a good time.

The thing is ….

I’m not sure how much of the game was actually watched until about the seventh inning. These photos are all from the first twenty minutes of the shindig, afterwhich so many people came in that I had to put my camera down and go grab a beer.




There was much chatting and socializing occurring.


Here’s Terry. Man, for a petite little woman she’s got the metabolism of an industrial furnace. She’s came hungry! We fed her burgers and brats and brownies ’til it was coming out her ears. Good thing she had some beer to wash it all down.


Mikey: This kid used to work for us and our fundraiser is really close to his heart. He used to pound the pavement for it. Last night was his birthday and we needed to celebrate. It was good to see him so happy.


Hey, Greg. Doesn’t he look like a doc? Yeah, he does. He’s also a fanatic baseball nut. Don’t get him started.


And here’s Mark, Greg’s baseball/fellow doc co-hort. Again, once you bring up baseball be prepared to hear the nitty gritty ad nauseum. These two fellas were a hoot.

But here’s the highlight of the evening: Mel’s tattoos.


They’re tribal Filipino markings whose meanings Mel couldn’t share with us much. But they sure were fascinating!

So, we drank a little, ate a little, watched a little baseball (along with the Lakers game that we had going on the big screen TV), raised some money for kids and everyone shared their tattoos.

Just your average everyday get together.


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