Food: Anthony Bourdain


PhotobucketI have a love/hate relationship with Anthony Bourdain. I don’t know the man personally, but I have a visceral reaction to him.

Let me back up a minute and give you a little context for this discussion. I spent the better part of last week with fifteen other media folk in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We were together from 5am to 11pm every day. Many of those hours were spent squished into minivans and driving hours on end to the next must-stop destination. All those hours of transport provides quite a bit of opportunity to discuss just about every topic under the sun. And believe me, journalists are NOT shy people, so we’ll talk about anything with absolute brutal honesty and no fear of lambasting. Or if there is lambasting, we consider it part of the fun. Go ahead, make my day, punk!

Mental left turn: Have you noticed that most media/journalists are 90-pound weaklings who wield a sharp vocabulary but not much else? Yeah, confront a journalist in person and see what happens. I don’t see many body builders in our field flexing their physical muscles as backup for their sharp-witted quills. In fact, I don’t see that many hulking muscles at all. My colleague just pointed out to me this morning that they’ve got all their muscle concentration in their BRAIN versus their biceps. Yeah, whatever. Just thought I’d point out that coinquidink.

Because many of us work specifically in travel and food, eventually Anthony Bourdain’s name (and TV show) came  up for comment. My God. As soon as his name was uttered by one unsuspecting fool, reactions exploded forth from other members of our merry band of writers, “Love him!” “Hate him!” “Dude, did he get whipped for that one show in Tazmania, or what? Now, that’s entertainment!”

My response: “Ugh.” I like his show the same way a rubber necker can’t stay away from accidents on the freeway. While I appreciate the uber-attitude, I absolutely CANNOT trust his taste in food. The man has been a purported chain smoker for over three decades. He can’t possibly have a taste bud left in his mouth that doesn’t taint every flavor with ash. Sorry, man. It’s impossible for me to take your recommendations seriously. Stop all the smoking and maybe, just MAYBE, I’ll take you seriously.

What about you? How seriously do you take a chain smoker’s food recommendations?


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