Travel: Hiking dogs in the Sandia mountains



While in Albuquerque, New Mexico I went on a few hikes. It’s a pretty gorgeous place to go hiking and trails are abundant within a quick twenty-minute drive from the city. While hiking the Pino trail in the Sandia mountains we came across lots of interesting people (and their dogs), but none were as funny as this little group of Mexican chihuahuas.

There were only three of ’em, but swear to God we thought it was a herd of forty.

While we were headed down hill, they were headed up. We spotted this little group from a good two hundreds yards out. These little dogs were yapping and zig-zagging all over the trail like, well, chihuahuas on speed. Their owners were laughingly trying to keep the herd controlled. We chuckled at their desperate and futile attempts. Yeah, good luck with that.




When our paths crossed we stopped to meet the herd and asked to take their pictures. Ever try to photograph chihuahuas on speed? Darn near impossible. Finally, one little lady was captured and scooped up for a portrait. She was pretty irritated at being held still.


She kept wiggling and looking for a way to get down. See her hind foot pushing against her handler? “Sttttooooooooppp! I wanna get down!”


“Look, my sistahs are over there! I wanna be over there!” She struggled and strained to be released until I said the word “cookie”. Then she was instantly all ears and at attention. She stopped wiggling for 4.6 seconds, long enough for us to snap her photo and for her to realize that I was just bluffing.


Do you see her expression? She was giving me the stink eye. She realized that I didn’t actually have any cookies on me. There was about 90-pounds of personality in that two-pound dog.

What a bunch of hilarious cuties. Not what I would normally think of as hardy hiking dogs, but they were having a grand time.


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